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Digital Radiography

X-rays that we can examine in seconds.

Providing us with very precise images with a significant decrease in the level of x-ray exposure compared to traditional film x-rays.

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Intra-oral Photography

Clear and detailed images of teeth, restorations and tissues.

Very didactic, they allow the patient to see what is present in his mouth.

SIROlaser Advance

The SIROLaser Advance is the best all around soft tissue diode laser available today.

We use our laser to do minor surgeries, to treat oral herpes (fire wild), reduce the pain of canker sores (mouth ulcers) or to decrease the amount of bacteria in the gums during periodontic treatments.

3D Digital Radiography

Planmeca 3D

An imaging unit that meets a multitude of diagnostic requirements, thus serving a wide range of clinical applications.

Planmeca Pro Max

A software platform providing a set of image support tools allowing digital planning of many treatments, including the placement of dental implants.

Computer-aided porcelain restoration and digital impressions

It is with enthusiasm that we have been using digital fingerprint technology for several years.

This computer-assisted technology allows us to take extremely precise impressions, in many cases eliminating the need for paste-like materials. This extraordinary technology also allows us to fabricate high quality porcelain restorations on site in a single appointment. In many cases eliminating laboratory delays and the fabrication of temporary restorations.

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